week 1

First week is all about cleansing you off. During the first hypnosis session, I focus on removing anything that is not yours, anything that is heavily sitting on you. My job during the first session is to reduce or completely remove anxiety or overstressing. I’m helping you shake off and drop off any addictions as well as getting rid of depression. The first week is designed to take off anything that is not you. To strip you off. To free you up from anything that is dragging you down and making your life difficult.

week 2

The second-week goal is to cut you off from negative feelings & negative people (or relationships). My job, in the second week, is to help you release from guilt, shame, negative thoughts patterns and/or relationships, grief, anger, forgiveness and more. Here, we focus on letting go of what is not serving you anymore. Understanding, accepting and then detaching yourself. After the second week, you are free to move up in your life. There is no room to shrink yourself or doubt yourself. It’s your time to rise.

week 3

It’s time to create a new version of you. After two weeks of cleansing & cutting yourself from what was imposed on you, you are ready to reconnect with your natural inner self. During the third week, we focus on finding who you truly are. My job is to help you stop worrying about what other people may think of you & boost your confidence. Get your voice back. Whatever is in your head & your heart can be said out loud with natural calmness and ease. Find your life purpose & be open to full abundance

Paulina will hold my hand for the next 3 weeks! Finally, it’s my time. I’m ready to transform my life. I can do it!

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total value $2250 

3 weeks of continuous support. I am basically holding your hand during these 3 weeks of transformation. Uninterrupted support, support all the time. Ongoing & constant support for the length of 3 weeks. 3 x hypnosis. Each week one 2h hypnotherapy session + self-hypnosis recording + videos + audios + worksheets. Hypnosis is known to be the best tool when working with the subconscious mind. It's time to level up!

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