Paulina Nowak

I use hypnotherapy as a tool to remove unwanted behaviour or feeling.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy certification

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Suicide Awareness ZSA

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First Aid certification

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My story started many years ago. I grew up in Poland, Europe and when I was a little girl I had very unusual dreams. Today I know a lot about brain waves, dream stages, hypnosis and the power of a single thought. However, back then and for many years later I believed everyone experiences their dreams as I do. So I entered my adult life with not knowing much about how the brain works, INSTEAD, I received very tough lessons on death. When I was 13 my father committed suicide, and then a few years later I witnessed my brother in a law dying in a car accident … and then my mum passed away.  At the age of 18, I was on my own, already knowing how to suppress my feelings … but don’t worry my dear reader, my feelings will emerge a few years later!

I’ve managed to finish my university education, pay my bill on time, work full time and keep myself busy so I don’t have to feel & think about what had happened in my life. Day by day loving my own little world, my life was good. I fall in love, got married & come to Austalia. Then problems with infertility hit me hard in the face. Overwhelming fear, loneliness and absolutely no one to talk to. I mean no one …

On top of it, I felt homesick so incredibly strong that I thought I will fall apart. One half of me loving & appreciating life in Australia & the other part of me simply missing Poland.

Today, after 14 years of living in Australia, being a super happy mum of 12 yo Alicja, a wife and constantly, working women in business I’ve decided to share my story with you. Because for the past 8 years, I was in a constant search of who am I.

A massively strong woman with power & strength to achieve everything yet, looking for the pure feminine energy & better connection with every single human being. I know loneliness is the cause of many diseases.

These suppress feelings directed me & guided me into a business world, where I have become a good friend with being super organized, not stressed, happy, zero procrastination, trusting myself, being able to choose whom do I work with (clients & business partners – I don’t work with people I don’t like :-)). Feeling very confident in running a successful business, yet longing for something more … I have discovered hypnosis!

Year 2020 is undeniably difficult but at the same time, it is FINALLY my time!!! Being a mum, wife, working full time and then, later on, running my own business (8 years of successfully running a fully registered migration agency together with my husband) I have reached a point where I can finally do what comes to me naturally HIPNOSIS.

Yes, a state of mind where everything is possible & you have access to absolutely anything – it’s my very natural state of being. Thre is no way of explaining it to you. It’s so natural to me like brushing teeth for you.

I always believed ( and I still do) that in order to grow the business I must grow myself. So growing my business skills I “accidentally” tapped into my gift. It was always there waiting for me <3 and I finally found it. Surely, I had to learn the process and techniques to become a certified hypnotherapist but all the rest was inside me waiting to be unveiled.

Hypnosis & lucid dreaming are definitely not the same, however, both are operating under the subconscious mind.

My personal achievements:

  • overcome anxiety,
  • overcome extreme loneliness (where every single cell of my body was screaming inside me),
  • feeling unloved,
  • feeling unwanted,
  • never good enough (perfectionism),
  • I removed many money blocks & become open to full abundance
  • I found my purpose,
  • I was always very confident & have high self-esteem but now I don’t need any validation
  • I speak my truth
  • I communication with natural ease
  • Homesick is gone
  • Stopped smoking
  • and more

Why did I become a certified hypnotherapist?

Because I know it’s possible!

Yes, easy & pleasant life is possible. If I could do it – so you can!

Thanks to the connection with my own subconscious, with complete conviction, I work with people who want to remove unwanted behaviour or/and unwanted feeling. 

Examples of unwanted behaviour:

  • nail-biting,
  • blushing,
  • skin conditions,
  • phobias,
  • smoking,
  • eating disorder,
  • addiction
  • and more

Examples of unwanted feelings:

  • shame,
  • guilt,
  • anger,
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • loneliness,
  • homesick,
  • lack of energy,
  • procrastination,
  • speak out your true with ease and confidence,
  • fear of public speaking
  • and more

Connect with me,
Sending you lots of love,
Paulina 👁️


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