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SoulAdvisor is an online booking platform, seamlessly connecting health-conscious clients to highly qualified practitioners from our purpose-driven global collective.
They created a unique qualification process for practitioners to become an endorsed provider on their website.

Now, you can find Paulina Nowak (a clinical hypnotherapist) on SoulAdvisor on the platform too!

Paulina is very proud and excited to be part of this amazing community.

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Below is a full description of my profile:


Paulina is a clinical hypnotherapist (AHA registered). She uses hypnosis as a tool to overcome challenges on the subconscious level. Paulina is trained to use CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) under trance (when client is hypnotized).

Thanks to Paulina’s connection with her own subconscious mind (she hypnotize herself on regular basis) she works with confidence, passion and love towards every client.

She believes that through hypnosis, you can reach a state of mind where everything is possible and you can have access to absolutely anything.

She works with people who want to remove unwanted behaviour or/and unwanted feelings

Unwanted feelings might include depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger, stress, loneliness, homesickness, procrastination, panic attacks and fear of public speaking.

Examples of unwanted behaviours include eating disorders, addictions, nail-biting, skin conditions, phobias and smoking. Some of her clients seek hypnosis for chronic pain management.

Paulina’s sessions are intense and go deep into a client’s subconscious. She believes she attracts clients who are ready for change and the results are truly transformative.

Her clients come away feeling in control of their lives & with a sense of positive resolution about themselves.

Paulina loves listening to people’s stories and witnessing the changes that occur during the hypnotherapy.

Growing up in Poland, Paulina had to deal with some tragic experiences that lead her to where she is today – living in Australia since 2005, being a mum to a crazy horse lover daughter and a wife. Running a large business for many years, Paulina was still searching for her deeper sense of self and trying to overcome her own personal struggles. When hypnosis changed her life, she discovered she had a natural gift with hypnosis and realised it was her true purpose.

Now, as a passionate about theta brain waves & human behaviour she is looking to connect with you on the subconscious level.”


  • Zoom hypnotherapy session
  • in-person hypnotherapy sessions

Paulina works from Noosa, Sunshine Coast Australia

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