Hypnotherapy for depression

Hypnotherapy for depression depressed woman

Depression – use of hypnotherapy

The mental struggle that takes place in the conscious mind is doomed to failure because depression is beyond the reach of the conscious mind. During hypnotherapy for depression, you have the opportunity to work with yourself in the areas of the unconscious mind. You are like a fairy tale hero who sets off on his journey, wherever you go it depends on your courage, wisdom, and goodness. And if you are not afraid, you will reach a land where you will be the ruler of your own life.

Cure for depression

There is more to Depression than just a disease with specific symptoms that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. The state of depressed mood, irritability or apathy or general discouragement are part of our mental life. Every now and then all people go through them, regardless of age, gender, education, religion, or culture. Such periodic depressions can be the result of hormonal changes (e.g. after childbirth), prolonged periods, or psychophysical trauma (divorce, accident, illness, or death of a loved one), or even natural rhythms of nature (seasonal photo depression, caused by a lack of sunlight).

Most people suffering from depression (anxiety, hypochondria, compulsiveness, melancholy), and their doctors and therapists treat this condition as a disease that must be overcome. Nobody wants to be depressed, so we take medication, let our fears soothe, and try to survive until we get rid of the symptoms. Not many are thinking about hypnotherapy for depression and the truth is hypnosis might be a good way to battle depression.

Depression (anxiety, hypochondria, obsessions, melancholy) – in most cases – is a process that we just have to go through from time to time. The “mechanism of depression” turns on in us at those moments in which we need time and space to “re-arrange ourselves”. It’s a difficult and painful meeting with yourself, a kind of open-soul surgery. The persistent state of malaise or affective disorders (regarding mood, emotions, activity) is – just like physical pain – a signal that something is going on in our psyche that is worth taking a closer look at. You can, of course, weaken or drown out this internal pain with pills – it is even advisable when suffering makes it difficult or impossible for a person to function, for example, when he has thoughts of suicide – but this is just the beginning. Pharmacological treatment that restores the chemical balance should be accompanied by psychological therapy, and most of all by working with yourself. The state of depression is a process of deep, inner transformation, entering the “dark valley” that we must go through in order to “be born again”.

Those who (often repeatedly) faced this state and came out of it “on the bright side” know that depression does not go by itself – it is the person who has to go through depression himself.

How to heal depression

The key element here is a deep understanding and acceptance of the changes taking place in us each time.

Faith, hope, passion, motivation are in us, but sometimes to reach them we have to travel a long way through a dark forest teeming with invisible monsters. Mankind has known this well from time immemorial and passes on this important knowledge from generation to generation through fairy tales. Their heroes abandon their previous lives and embark on a long, dangerous journey, equipped only with their own wisdom and goodness. Those who take up the challenge with the wrong attitude (e.g. the hero’s cunning and evil brothers) end up miserably and deluded by immediate benefits or comforts, get stuck somewhere along the way, with no goal in life. Meanwhile, those who follow will have to face evil, their own weakness, and their own death. And if he does not fear the monsters – he will defeat them and win the prize: a long, happy life with his partner – the princess, as the rightful ruler of this land we call ourselves or our own lives.

So many fairy tales, because in fact happiness and reign last until the next crisis, into which we have a chance to enter more mature, stronger, and wiser.

In depression, we enter into the depth, and in the depth, we find the soul. Depression is a key experience of a tragic dimension in life. it brings escape, limitation, concentration, seriousness, weight, and humiliating powerlessness. It is a reminder of death. The real revolution only starts with someone who is willing to live through his depression honestly. It is not about breaking out of it – it leaves us in a closed circle of hope and despair, nor waiting for it to pass – it is about discovering the consciousness and the depths that depression demands. This is how the revolution in the name of the soul begins. (James Hillman, an outstanding contemporary American psychologist who has repeatedly gone through states of severe nervous breakdowns, hypochondriac episodes, and severe depression)

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