Cell Command Therapy

Cell Command Therapy_Paulina Nowak_hypnotherapist_Australia

Cell Command Therapy™

New scientific research into epigenetics looks at how our genes and DNA are influenced by our thoughts, emotions, diet and other environmental factors. This cutting-edge information takes a fresh look at our cellular biology and that the DNA and internal coding of the cells contain all the necessary blueprints to restore and repair.

CCT can be used for any kind of illness or injury either physical, mental or emotional. Your Cells are always listening to your thoughts and feelings this is wahy your body is a representation of what your mind is thinking & feeling. Hormones and chemicals of those feelings communicate with your body and change it at the cellular level.

Cell Command Therapy™ for healing is the use of specialized techniques of hypnosis to stimulate and direct your body’s cells to undergo physical healing and regeneration.
Hypnosis to help you to “heal” or “restore” or “stimulate” your body cells or parts to heal and recover.


Cell Command Therapy™ is a powerful tool of hypnosis which assists the individual needing the assistance to connect to their subconscious mind. This is accomplished through their mind-body connection, and the path to this connection is accomplished through the subconscious. Your subconscious mind links directly to your healthy cells bringing positive changes to your body.