in person (currently NOT AVAILABLE)

All sessions are done via Zoom. NOT AVAILABLE in my hypnotherapy room at Noosa. 12/28 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads, 4567 QLD, Australia.


Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype. Online hypnosis is a very safe & approved form of hypnotherapy.



Personalized audio is sent to you. It is a part of most of my sessions. Additionally, you can purchase self-hypnosis audio here.

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One on one hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy session in-person Please arrive 10 minutes before your hypnotherapy session, Each…
hypnotherapy group hypnosis session_Paulina Nowak Noosa QLD

Hypnotherapy group sessions

Hypnotherapy group sessions Each group session is discussed separately taking into consideration:…
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Exclusively designed hypnotherapy sessions for the purpose of the retreat. I’m happy…

About hypnotherapy session

2 hours sessions are conducted IN PERSON in my office at Noosa, Qld, Australia, or online via ZOOM or AUDIO Self-Hipnosis. One hypnotherapy session can definitely help you with getting your confidence back, public speaking, wealth, money & full abundance, guilt, shame, getting your voice back, cell command therapy and more. However most of the time you will require 2 or 3 sessions. Some sessions are followed by personalized recording for 21-day of self-hypnosis guided by me. To see my fees go here.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Paulina Nowak

I use hypnotherapy as a tool to remove unwanted behaviour or feeling.…


1 single session

1 x hypnotherapy session 2h
personalized self-hypnosis recording
in-person or Zoom
Sessions on Thursday through Saturday
this is a special COVID-19 fee until the and of the year. Regular fee is $300

3 sessions bundle

3 x hypnotherapy, each session 2 h
personalized self-hypnosis recording
in-person or Zoom
Sessions on Thursday through Saturday
sms follow-ups
support transformation recordings
guidance through transformation

What to expect from the session

Hypnosis is a natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation. A light trance/hypnotic state likely feel no different from relaxation - in fact, you are more aware in hypnosis. I will guide you to safely review the root cause of your issue/problem, understand it & then to transform those beliefs that you have created when you were a little child. During the session, I talk with you and you can talk to me. You are never out of control or immobilized. I can’t make you think or do anything that you don’t want to. You are in control. There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis. Many people don’t realise they are in hypnosis until they come out of it.


Paulina is a very thoughtful hypnotherapist who immediately made me feel at ease. My session with her was powerful. I felt profoundly listened to and well guided all along as Paulina asked very relevant questions. It really helped me unlock some deep emotions and also gave me a better understanding of how some past events were affecting me in my daily life.

The personalised recordings are very relaxing and Paulina’s voice is particularly calming. I will definitely reach out to Paulina again and would recommend her 100%.

Mathilde, Melbourne Australia (Zoom session)

Mathilde D, Melbourne

Paulina is a truly gifted hypnotist and beautiful person. She made me feel comfortable and able to put full trust in her abilities as a therapist. She has helped me to reveal things in my childhood that I never knew were affecting my adult life. Now cleared, I have an amazing sense of peace and calm as I move throughout my day. A truly amazing experience that I am forever grateful for. Thank you Paulina.

Karina B, Australia

Karina B, Australia

Thank you, Paulina, for helping me get rid of my fear of success! I would never have guessed the reason for it but now I do, thanks to you. You unfolded everything so easily. Now I feel more confident than ever and most importantly I feel unstoppable!

Zoom hypnosis

Jay S, Mauritius

Thank you Paula for your session today, you were very calming and have a caring nature and you really are great at what you do .. I have never felt more relaxed during the session today .. I highly recommend hypnotherapy if it is something your thinking of doing, Paula can really help…Thanks again 🙏xx

Face to face hypnosis

Tracey G, Australia

Paulina is a caring and gentle professional who put me at ease from the beginning. It was my first time using hypnotherapy and I thoroughly recommend it as a means to break through blockages from the past that may be affecting you in the present. Thank you.

A.H.,  Australia

A H, Australia

I had never experienced hypnoses before but always wanted to. Paulina was absolutely amazing, such a warm person and she made me feel very safe and comfortable.
I was concise throughout the whole session but was able to recall certain things from my past with so much more clarity. After the session, I felt so much lighter. The session went way longer than we expected but she didn’t mind at all. A few days after my session I received an amazing recording from Paulina to listen to. It was wonderful to listen to her very encouraging words and reaffirm what we talked about during the session. I have already purchased another session as a gift for a friend of mine and can highly recommend Paulina and her practise. I feel everyone could benefit from at least one session and discover just how amazing our bodies can be. Thank you Paulina!

Adriana A, Australia

Adriana A, Australia

After having a session with Paulina at Hypnotherapist Noosa, I was utterly amazed. Not only was Paulina a genuinely lovely, beautiful, and talented hypnotherapist, but I felt completely safe and held within her session. During the session I was blown away with how to the point and direct Paulina was able to get to the root of my problem and pinpoint the issue. After the session I felt much more balanced and happier than I had felt in ages. I highly suggest a session with Paulina, and hope everyone gets the joy of meeting her and getting to have her amazing help in their healing journey.

Madi B, Australia

Madi B, Australia